Bring your entire community to your CampusGroups app and boost engagement.

It's FREE to create your Campus Community App during COVID-19.


During COVID-19, millions of students are attending classes remotely. CampusGroups helps you keep them engaged and connected when they leave the virtual classrooms.

6 reasons why you should create your Campus Community App

1. Keep your students connected to your campus while they are remote

Give students and staff a convenient way to stay in touch with what's happening in your campus community, with instant access to groups, events, and communications.

  • Social directory for students & staff
  • Group conversations and chat
  • Events calendar
  • Virtual meeting scheduler

2. Create virtual events, manage registrations, and track attendance

Notify students of upcoming virtual events and register attendees through the app, then send mobile notifications to ensure participation.​

  • Events calendar
  • Online registrations and reminders
  • Virtual attendance tracking
  • Integration with video conferencing apps

3. As your students are not meeting anymore, maximize communication opportunities

Your school's mobile app on CampusGroups opens several lines of communication: direct messaging, group conversations, discussion feeds, push notifications, video conferencing integration, file-sharing, and more.

4. Customize your app with centralized campus resources

Upload campus maps, room resources, FAQs, a staff directory, and more for students to access anytime.

5. Create a campus-branded experience for your students

Use the App Builder module from your computer to quickly change your app's design. Easily update colors, features, and menu options with a few clicks.

6. Maintain ownership of your data within a private space

Highly popular communication apps use  your data to generate revenue. We don't. We will never sell or use your data. The data is your data and you can download it at any time. We provide FERPA compliant tools to help you manage your community app.


Driving your community to a dedicate campus community app creates invaluable engagement which helps boost retention.

Creating your Campus Community App is FREE

During the pandemic, we are offering our Campus Community App for free for 6 months, to help you keep your community engaged.

CampusGroups is an amazing software company that is advanced enough to meet all our needs and requests and nimble enough to customize the platform. Every idea we have had, they have found a way to make it happen.

Jennifer Lee

University of Wisconsin Stout

Campus Community App


For 6 months


    Campus news feed


    Chat & group discussions


    Events management & calendar


    Attendance tracking (via QR code)


    Social directory & profiles


    User matching based on interests


    Meeting scheduler (Google/Office365)


    Users management


    Drag-n-drop mobile app builder


    Custom branding


    Access to our users community

Create your app in 3 easy steps

Watch this video and see what it takes to create your campus community app.

  1. 1

    Sign up!

    Tell us more about your campus and get your community live on the CampusGroups app. Get started now!

  2. 2

    Configure your mobile app

    Add your campus branding and upload your students and staff with a CSV/Excel file.

  3. 3

    Invite your campus to join

    Send an email invitation to all your users, and watch your campus connect and engage!

Become your campus mobile app expert

As an administrator, you will be invited to join a community of thousands of CampusGroups administrators

STart your app

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can create a Campus Community App?

Only verified University/School administrators can create an app. We might contact you to verify that you are an administrators before publishing your app.

How long does it take to create our app?

Setting up your Campus Community App takes just a few minutes. Importing your students and staff, and customizing your app takes one day on average.

How will students access our app?

You community will be listed within the CampusGroups Mobile app which can be downloaded from Apple's App Store or Google's Play store.

Which features are included?

With this Free service, you get the following features: mobile app, 1 group, unlimited number of events, unlimited number of students & staff, calendar, attendance tracking (with QR code), chat, campus news feed, mobile app builder, meeting scheduler, community support, and access to the Users Community.

How do we guaranty data privacy?

Our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy ensure that we do not own your data, and that we will never share or sell your data to any third-parties

How does the Campus Community App compare to other major communication apps?

Highly popular communication apps such as Facebook, Whatsapp, Messenger, GroupMe, Microsoft Teams, Slack:

  • Do not allow you to created a campus-branded experience
  • Generate revenue with your data. We don't.
  • Do not include events management, meeting scheduling capabilities, etc.

CampusGroups serves as a one-stop shop for all campus engagement needs with more than 30 add-on modules.

How do I import users?

Once you sign-up, we direct you to a page which allows you to upload your users with a CVS/Excel template.

How do I invite students to our app?

Once you have uploaded your students and staff, you will be able to send an invitation by email from CampusGroups or via a link that you can share with your community.

How do we track that students are signing in?

Your app includes a dashboard with the number of downloads which you can follow in real time.

Why is this service free?

During the spread of COVID-19, we want to help as many campuses as possible. The Campus Community App will remain free (for the first 6 months) for campuses who sign up during the crisis.  CampusGroups is an extensive platform with many advanced features. The Campus Community App is free but all additional features aren't. Please contact Sales for more information on pricing.

What if we want to add more features?

We will be more than happy to demo the full capabilities of CampusGroups to you. Please contact Sales to set up a time to speak to one of our respresentatives.

Explore all the features that CampusGroups has to offer