CampusGroups Rendez-Vous

Our virtual conference gathered 200+ attendees from 90 campuses accross 7 countries.

200+ attendees from 90 campus partners joined us!

Thank you so much, to all of you, for joining our inaugural Rendez-Vouz! We loved hearing all the stories you shared, your challenges, your victories, and your smiles. We hope you felt as energized as we did on the CG team.

We created this page to reshare key highlights of that special event with you!

We introduced our new Coffee Chat feature!

We were very happy to invite you to experience our new feature: CampusGroups Coffee Chat.

We love to partner with our campuses to build new features within our platform. Thank you for your excitment and for the positive feedback you gave us. With your valuable insights, we continue to develop the best tools to keep our students connected and engaged.

RDV attendees connected on the CG Users Community and Twitter

"To start, only Student Affairs was using CampusGroups. We had no idea of the power that was in the application. Now we have all of our staff using CampusGroups, we have all of our students using CampusGroups. Everybody has been using it in one way or another. It has kind of exploded."

Kerry McQuaid, Application Developer - Enterprise Systems

Bowdoin College

A clear theme throughout this @CampusGroups conference has been the ability to consolidate several platforms for #StudentEngagement within a single ecosystem > virtual networking, orientation, event mgmt, virtual fairs, club mgmt, communication, etc! #CGRDV21

Mark Orlan

Schulich School

Thank you to @CampusGroups for hosting their virtual conference. Excited to see some of the new features to make ur experience at @upikebears even better! Their concept of being a one-stop-shop has been huge for us!



University of Pikeville

A BIG THANK YOU to @CampusGroups for hosting an amazing virtual conference today and for featuring #BEngaged in the panel session. #CGRDV21

This is my first RDV and one of The best conferences I've attended... virtual or not!


Binghamton University

Blown away by this new virtual #CoffeeChat feature in @CampusGroups! Talk about hitting a home run on virtual student networking! #CGRDV21

Quite the success story. Happy to be on board with this great Student Engagement app! #CGRDV21

Executive Director IT

Schulich School

As a "behind the scenes" admin, I very much appreciate the User Community. It's good to have access to not only the CG team but also my colleagues at other institutions.

Kirsten Pagan

Student Engagement Analyst at Binghamton University

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CampusGroups: Past, Present and Future

Hear from our CEO and Founder Yorick Ser in an open discussion with our VP of Sales Andrea Palmer, as they share some background on the company, recap an exciting few years, and share our plans for the future!

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Strategies on Increasing Campus-Wide Adoption

Three of our campus partners from New York, Saudi Arabia, and California, discuss their best practices and successful methods of increasing campus-wide engagement and adoption across the CampusGroups platform.

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Limitless functionality of CG, discovered during the pandemic

Kerry McQuaid, Application Developer at Bowdoin College, discusses the limitless functionality of CampusGroups, discovered during the pandemic.

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Creating a one-stop-shop for our students - And making it mobile!

Telli and Birgit discuss best practices for change management and integrating co-curricular and academic resources to support student success, and share how this well-developed, team-based business practice successfully facilitated even more rapid, critical change management in responding to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Student Engagement Strategies in the Virtual World

Chris Cali and Chelsea Alterman, from Macaulay Honors College, cover a number of CampusGroups features that we have used to maintain the vital inter-student connection and sense of belonging that is hard to achieve when physically separated.

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Our Rendez-Vous Event App allowed users to stay connected throughout the day!

Thank you so much to our wonderful guest speakers!

Telliffier Morris, Assistant Director for University Life Project and Process Management at George Mason University
Birgit Debeerst, Director, UL Project and Process Management at George Mason University
Kerry McQuaid, Application Programmer at Bowdoin College
Chris Cali, Student Development Coordinator at Macaulay Honors College
Chelsea Alterman, Assistant Director of Student Development at Macaulay Honors College
Giovanna Bernardo, Student Engagement Specialist at Binghamton University
Frances Field, International Higher Education Administrator at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology
Kathleen Vu, Campus Organizations & Activities Coordinator at University of California, Santa Barbara
Sara Bayerl, Associate Application Administrator at Rochester Institute of Technology