Welcome to CampusGroups Virtual Spaces!

Create a virtual space for your campus where students and staff can meet spontaneously.

The 24/7 virtual space can be configured, with multiple spaces of different sizes, providing students and staff the opportunity to connect over live-video and chat. Virtual spaces facilitate one-on-one meetings as well as larger group settings.

Recreate and expand your campus spaces virtually

Mirror existing campus real estate or create new spaces online. Choose how many seats are available in each space, to facilitate one-on-one conversations like coffee chats or mentoring touchpoints as well as larger events, such as networking events or campus-wide conferences.

Each space is easy to configure and manage on the backend.

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Step into a virtual space or meeting

People can easily jump in and join different conversations to share ideas and discuss specific topics at different tables.

Start video conferencing immediately. There is no need to sign up or get a link to join. You can enter the space as you would enter a meeting room, a student club or lounge area, by clicking on an available seat. Your avatar will then pop up and you will immediately be added to join the other participants.

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Send text, links or emojis via chat

In addition to the live video conversation, participants can communicate using chat to send text, links or emojis. Individuals joining the virtual space later can still catch up on the chat.

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Watch our Virtual Spaces webinar

Want to learn more about Virtual Spaces? Watch or rewatch our webinar. Request the recording and we'll send it to you so you can access anytime!

Invite others to join

Hit the "Direct Link" button to copy your virtual space's link. Share it with your friends, colleagues or campus partners to join the conversation in just one click.

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Access it on mobile

Send your virtual space's link to others so they can access from any device. They will have an option to download the app or launch through the web. No need to be connected to your campus platform.

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Private Tables

Activate the privacy button to prevent others from being able to access a specific space. Access can be granted upon request.

Record Meetings

Record and download your meeting sessions. This enables you to share with individuals who were unable to attend.


Allow people outside your meeting to chat with you directly, and for example request access to your private room

Webinar Option

Have a permanent and dedicated space to hold webinars. The space can host up to 10 presenters and unlimited participants.

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