CampusGroups is the most powerful community engagement platform, featuring all of the tools campuses need to keep students, staff and alumni Connected and Engaged.

Reduce the number of systems you use. Get all the tools you need on one central platform.

CampusGroups gives you a full suite of powerful features to manage every aspect of your groups and community, including events, emails, web pages, payments, and much more.

  • Membership
  • Events
  • Messaging
  • Email Marketing
  • Online Payments
  • Website Builder
  • Surveys & Polls
  • Discussion Feeds

CampusGroups helps you centralize all your events, and increase registrations & attendance.

CampusGroups helps you organize your events, small or large, and bring people together with event pages, RSVPs, advanced ticket sales, mobile check-in, and attendees networking tools.

Use all the communication channels available to keep your campus informed and engaged.

CampusGroups provides all the features your need to broadcast your message, facilitate discussions, and keep students up-to-date on the latest news.

  • Newsletters & Website
  • Discussion Feeds<
  • Group Chat & Direct Messaging

Let your users make meaningful connections on an ongoing basis, with powerful and easy-to-use networking tools.

CampusGroups's platform is the perfect place to connect with classmates and strengthen your students network through in-person events, online chat, mentoring, and an easily searchable users directory.

  • Directory
  • Profiles
  • Messaging
  • News Feeds

Reach your institution's goals by stenghtening your campus community, increasing connections, and creating life-changing experience.

Use CampusGroups to bring your students, staff, alumni and community partners together, creating new connections, and opportunities.

Closed platform, total privacy.

Give each of your groups a dedicated digital space to connect and share ideas, with complete privacy, zero advertisements, and a secure platform for important files and information.

Each group functions as its own closed system, allowing you to customize your profile and settings for every community you join.


Your CampusGroups data is your data. We are not selling it to advertisers.

User Permissions

Restrict access to your group or certain features, one user at a time.

Unique Profiles

Keep all your groups separate with group-specific sign-ins.

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