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CampusGroups allows you to create a Virtual Campus for your students, staff, departments, student organizations and teams. With powerful tools for communication, events, membership, payments and more, CampusGroups is where group leaders make things happen.


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Design your Virtual Career Fair to help students connect with recruiters & learn about new career opportunities, even remotely.

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At CampusGroups, our mission is to help campuses worldwide keep students involved and engaged, even remotely. Discover our selection of resources to help you!

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CampusGroups powers over 40,000 groups & organizations worldwide.

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    These are values and beliefs we stand for, as a team, and as a company.
    We think beyond technology and we make conscious decisions to help change our industry, and the world of tomorrow.

    Diversity & Equity

    We value diversity. Our company would not thrive without it. We recruit talents from different backgrounds and countries, not only because it brings more to the table, but because we believe this is how companies will shape the world of tomorrow. We're committed to being an ever more equitable and diverse company as we continue to grow.


    Our Tech Team includes dedicated resources who constantly work to make our platform more accessible. We work in partnership with our campuses to deliver the best experience possible for 100% of our users. Please request our VPAT for more details.

    CampusGroups offers
    30 integrated modules


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    Create And Run Virtual Fairs

    Create your Virtual Fair to help students learn about co-curricular activities, job opportunities, and get involved, even remotely. Increase student engagement online.

    In just 3 months, we organized over 200 Virtual Fairs for schools, colleges and universities to host 86,000 virtual booths who received over 750,000 students visits. Join the movement!

    Everything your campus needs to manage the life and needs of your community.

    No one likes logging on to a dozen different platforms. CampusGroups helps every student, group, and department stay organized and streamlined by giving you all of your tools in one place.

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    "We love using CampusGroups to assess the success of our programming. Ultimately, our Scholars are more well-rounded as a result of our in depth analysis of students' exposure to learning outcomes."

    Binghamton University Scholars

    "RIT needed a technology partner that could be flexible to meet our needs. CampusGroups stood out since it not only had a ton of diverse functionality, but was also simple and really easy to use." Read the full story

    Sara Bayerl

    Administrator at RIT

    "CampusGroups is an amazing software company that is advanced enough to meet all our needs and requests and nimble enough to customize the platform. Every idea we have had, they have found a way to make it happen."

    Jennifer Lee

    University of Wisconsin Stout

    "CampusGroups built a lot of collaboration on our campus. We’re collaborating a lot more with academic partners and with our housing office and seeing opportunities for the content in the system to really grow."

    Chris Fishpaw

    University of Dayton