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"KAUST chose CG over competitors because the system enabled us to automate key processes. We also needed all of these workflows to be backed by a powerful reporting tool.

What is great about CG is that all data feeds into a reporting and analytics dashboard. When deciding on a platform, we wanted a solution that motivated students to use it. CG became the student’s home throughout the orientation period. Despite being held virtually, due to Covid, we saw as much engagement online, via the activity feed, chat and events, as would have had in a physical setting."

Frances Field

Student Engagement Specialist at KAUST


A blessing for student engagement!

"One of my favorite success stories with CampusGroups is transitioning a 40th annual career conference (and its registration process that was spread across four systems) onto CampusGroups. I couldn’t believe how easy it was to create a mobile app — digitizing the conference is one of my proudest accomplishments, and it couldn’t have been easier.

CampusGroups was a blessing before the pandemic, and now it's more critical than ever for student engagement in a virtual setting. I’m particularly enjoying the newsletter builder — it has totally elevated the style of our communications (a world of difference from MailChimp!), it looks great!"

Jillian McIntosh
Jillian McIntosh, Associate Director, Office of Career Services at Columbia University SIPA

Working hand in hand with our customers

"You folks at CampusGroups have treated us so well and been so attentive to our needs. Please know how much we appreciate you and all your efforts on our behalf. Seldom have we worked with a company that has been so customer focused and attentive.

These ADA accessibility issues, especially, have been critical for us and your willingness to dive in so quickly to address these has truly been a blessing. The efforts by your team over the last year are also deeply appreciated. With so many other customers, it is amazing to us that you can spend as much time as you have focused on helping BYU-Idaho.

Please know that your efforts are not taken for granted. You are part of an amazing team!"

Kort Black, Business Analyst/Project Manager at Brigham Young University - Idaho


A seamless virtual fair for Cornell Johnson

"It was really easy to get started, with all the club information we already had in CampusGroups. It was also pretty straightforward for clubs to customize their booths, especially with your training video. The ease with which participants could go from booth to booth, and join videoconferences was really convenient. The chat feature also worked great. I was chatting with multiple people, and it was always clear which group they were chatting about.

And all the stats about the fair are really, really helpful, as is the simple access to all the “I’m Interested” people for club officers.

THANKS AGAIN for what your team did to bring this feature online so quickly! It made this stressful and strange semester that much better and more engaging!"

Rhonda Velazquez, Director, Student Activities & Special Events at Cornell Johnson

Customizing virtual fairs to your campus' needs

"I loved how easy it was to build a virtual fair. I prepared myself for a stressful experience, and it was the complete opposite. Like all of the CampusGroups modules, the virtual fair is built for higher education administrators. Without extensive IT experience, you can build a virtual event customized to your campus. After the success of our Orientation Expo, we will now be building our Career Fair in the platform!

The expo is one of our signature events and we were so happy students still got to have the experience despite not physically arriving on campus! If you are looking for a new campus engagement platform I highly recommend CampusGroups!"

Frances Field, Student Engagement Specialist at KAUST


Stanford's user-friendly platform

"We really like how user-friendly the system is and how easy it was for our student organizations to set up their booths. Setting up the fair was also a simple process and the CG staff was very helpful and responsive."

Alex Moreno, Program Coordinator at Stanford University

Virtual Fair Testimonials

Bowdoin College

"Just like I told student leaders, although we can’t all be gathered, I know the energy and excitement will be there, even in this virtual format! And it definitely was! Over 2800 booth visits and 950 chat messages! As an administrator, it was fun to visit some of the Zoom rooms and say hi to student leaders."

Silvia Lorrain, Associate Director of Student Activities.

University of Illinois Chicago

"Virtual Booths were easy to set up for student leaders and guests were able to learn about each group through creative content such as videos, online brochures, and video conference calls. As the hosts, we appreciated the data the platform allowed us to collect and plan for future fairs!"

Vance Pierce, Associate Director - Student Organizations

AMS of UBC Vancouver

"The Alma Mater Society of UBC was blown away by the level of engagement that transpired over these virtual fairs. It gave us a sense of hope that we were still on track in ensuring that shared experiences shape our university careers still exist and are attainable with a certain level of creativity which comes with adjusting to new situations like these!"

Sylvester Mensah Jr, Vice President, Administration

Host your college fair online with CampusGroups

"I discovered CampusGroups when searching for a company to organize my first virtual college fair. I was impressed with the features and options CampusGroups provided to my university representatives with an introduction, photos, links, live private & public chat, and much more. After the fair, administrators, students, and the university representatives were impressed and surprised by the features from CampusGroups."

Carlos Aldaco, Fullerton Joint Union High School District


Connect with your campus community through virtual fairs

"I found the fair very easy to set up and the instructions easy to follow. I appreciated the alternate platform and it also gave my students an opportunity to use the same system they would normally use to join clubs. The chat & zoom features were great. Multiple students said it was fun to be able to jump around from club to club (I enjoyed it as well actually!). They loved the ability to engage on a personal level - it was easier to have conversations than at an in-person fair."

Scott A. Siegel-Ortiz, Senior Associate Director of Student Life & Engagement at Columbia Business School

Supporting your campus as you re-open

"I wanted to say I am once more so happy about working with CampusGroups! We began surveillance COVID testing this week and I've been using CampusGroups to manage communications, track compliance, send follow-up messaging, etc. Not to mention the dashboard helps immensely at the testing site for keeping track of how many tests we have done and how many appointment slots are left for the day.

Our IT folks have been really impressed with what the system can do (score one!) and we're getting a ton of visibility with our President's office and other campus leadership. Everyone is surprised and grateful to have this tool working for us."

Kimberly, Director of Student Affairs Assessment at Binghamton University


An intuitive system

“I LOVE the email Builder, click rates and so much more! Keep up the great work. This is so much easier and intuitive to use than Salesforce or other complicated systems!"

Lisa Brandes, Assistant Dean for Student Affairs and Director, Graduate Student Life at Yale University

A user-friendly platform

"I love CampusGroups! It is so user-friendly and easy to navigate, and I'm so happy to have all of the features I need in one spot instead of having to use multiple different programs. Hooray!"

Jaclyn M. Esqueda, Director of First-Year Experience at University of Dubuque


Focusing on accessibility

"This is fantastic! Thank you for all your efforts with the accessibility, we are very pleased!"

Veronica Ann Aguirre, IT Services Manager at Cornell University

Helping student organizations manage their groups

"CampusGroups is a super helpful and easy-to-use platform for managing groups and updating group members on important news and events. In one location, you can create events, send emails, track attendance and more...

Plus, it makes creating and managing events super simple and automatically advertises published events on the daily B-Engaged Calendar, sent to all students."

Note to Self, Student Organization at Binghamton University


Engagement, Assessment, and Readiness

"When you land on the website for the University of Wisconsin-Stout, you're met with a bold, single-word headline: "Ready." That word encapsulates UW-Stout's guiding mission. Jennifer's team works closely with all major programming bodies on campus-including each of the nearly 160 student-led organizations-to support a wide range of extracurricular events and opportunities."

Jennifer Lee, Associate Director for the Memorial Student Center at University of Wisconsin Stout

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Ensuring programming success

"We love using CampusGroups to assess the success of our programming. Ultimately, our Scholars are more well-rounded as a result of our in depth analysis of students' exposure to learning outcomes."

The Scholars at Binghamton University

"RIT needed a technology partner that could be flexible to meet our needs"

"No two universities function exactly the same way, which is why it can be so difficult to find a technology solution that perfectly aligns with a particular school's goals and processes. When RIT set out in search of the ideal engagement platform for their Division of Student Affairs, they discovered that one of the best qualities a technology company can espouse is the ability to listen, learn, and adapt."

Sara Bayerl, Associate Application Administrator at Rochester Institute of Technology

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A Systematic Approach to Campus Engagement

"Los Angeles is home to one of the nation's top business schools, the UCLA Anderson School of Management, with approximately 2,000 students enrolled across seven rigorous educational programs. A dedicated division is focused on maximizing engagement outside of the classroom through student government, clubs, events, and more."

Elizabeth McKillop, Director of Student Services at UCLA Anderson school of management

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CampusGroups is an amazing software company that is advanced enough to meet all our needs and requests and nimble enough to customize the platform. Every idea we have had, they have found a way to make it happen.

Jennifer Lee

University of Wisconsin-Stout

CampusGroups stood out since it not only had a ton of diverse functionality, but was also simple and really easy to use.

Sara Bayerl

Rochester Institute of Technology

CampusGroups built a lot of collaboration on our campus. We’re collaborating a lot more with academic partners and with our housing office and seeing opportunities for the content in the system to really grow.

Chris Fishpaw

University of Dayton

It's a pleasure to work with the CampusGroups team, I'm glad we were able to make CampusGroups such a great part of the Wharton experience!

Joseph Lee

University of Pennsylvania, The Wharton School

"I use CampusGroups for everything our group needs"

Jonathan is focused on elevating the quality of public speaking among his fellow NYU Stern students. To do that, he runs workshops, sends newsletters, maintains a website, and generally oversees all operations for the top professional communications group on campus — all through CampusGroups.

Jonathan Koo, President of Speechmasters at NYU Stern School of Business

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"CampusGroups helps us shorten the time between ideation and execution"

Jesse brings cutting-edge technology to the students of Northwestern Kellogg through a continuous cycle of informative newsletters and memorable on-campus events. With CampusGroups, he's able to empower his peers with experiences and knowledge that give them an advantage in an increasingly competitive field.

Jesse Delan, President of the Virtual and Augmented Reality Experiences Club at Northwestern Kellogg School of Management

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"Our mission is to communicate, work together, and make sure everyone feels involved"

Yessenia's group keeps students of the USC School of Social Work involved, informed, and inspired to help create the future of social work education. With group members and events at different locations around the globe, Yessenia relies on CampusGroups to serve as a central home base where everyone can stay engaged.

Yessenia Gonzalez, Vice President of the Vice President of the Student Organization Board at USC Suzanne Dworak-Peck School of Social Work

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"Our goal is to create endless possibilities for our campus communities"

We've built our product to serve the unique and multifaceted needs of campus group leaders — to help them work efficiently and achieve their goals.

The CampusGroups team is highly dedicated to providing all of the features that groups need to manage every aspect of their organization.

Yorick Ser, CEO of CampusGroups

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