Market CampusGroups on your Campus!

Here are some great examples of how our campuses can promote and brand their CampusGroups platform.

Columbia Business School

Dedicated pages to present the capabilities of CampusGroups and the 25Live integration.

Cornell University

A summary page to show what CampusGroups has to offer for your campus.

University of Houston Downtown

Introducing CampusGroups to students or staff from your campus community.

Oregon State University - Cascades

A web page dedicated to campus-branded CampusGroups Tutorials for new users.

University of Michigan - Ross

A summary of club resources and a checklist of information to display on club websites.

Binghamton University

Encourage students to engage with their campus community.

Rochester Institute of Technology

CampusGroups overview to help student groups and departments promote on-campus events and programs, communicate with members of their group, track attendance, collect information through forms, and much more!

La Sierra University

Easily promote the CampusGroups platform and its many features and tools.

University of Rochester

Introduction to connect using the Campus Community Connection app.

George Mason University

Promote your campus with a video contest.

Xavier University

Poll your campus to decide on the name of your CampusGroups platform.

West Chester University

Create how-to videos as resources for students.


George Mason University

Create a complete tool kit for Officers.

West Chester University

Create student Leadership & Involvement and Assessment Technology checklists.

Cornell University

Virtual support for student organizations.


La Sierra University

Invite students to download your campus app

University of Wisconsin - Stout

Download the Stout CONNECT app.

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