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Departments & Program Management

Student Engagement & Success

Orientation & Event Apps

Campus-Wide Mobile App

Calendaring & Events Management

Alumni Community

Attendance Tracking

Campus Communication

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Students Organization Management

CampusGroups provides centralized and secured tools for students, such as dynamic forms and approval workflows to ease and automate every process. Create your custom organization, share documents and resources, manage your team, ease the annual budgeting processes and communicate within your organization or campus-wide, all in one place, to save time and money. Run elections for your organization to voice the student body!

  • Groups

  • Budgeting

  • Files sharing

  • Event promotion

  • Communication

  • Inventory

  • Surveys / Forms

Department & Program Management

CampusGroups helps departments communicate, streamline processes, monitor students' activity and innovate. Streamline new organization registrations, election processes, campus-wide communications, and equip students with budgeting tools to manage their organizations efficiently with your supervision.

  • Group registration

  • Workflows

  • Inventory

  • Email Marketing

  • Store

  • Files sharing

  • Data collection

Student Engagement & Success

We provide students with meaningful and impactful experiences to get involved on campus. Staff will have access to important data points on students' involvement to identify students who may be, or are already identified as at risk. CampusGroups provides important tools to connect students to their success network, involvement opportunities, and support resources. Track students' engagement and at-risk indicators to make better data-driven decisions with our auto-generated reports and analysis.

  • Connection Programs

  • Engagement Tracking

  • Orientation

  • Attending programs

  • Communication history

  • Student success profile

  • Systems integration

Orientation & Event Apps

With CampusGroups, take Orientation to the next level! Create your own online Orientation (or any specific Event) to centralize schedules, communication, checklists, campus maps, chats, attendance tracking, important resources, networking and so much more.

  • Mobile App

  • Web Pages

  • Program & schedule

  • Attendance Tracking

  • Orientation checklist

  • Communication

  • Event Registration

Campus-Wide Mobile App

Create a one-stop-shop for students on a fully centralized mobile app experience. Give access to students and staff to check-in attendees at events, communicate n a campus-wide feed or private chat conversations, update dynamic calendar, share information and so much more!

  • Systems integration

  • Centralized portal

  • Community networking

  • Chats & push notifications

  • Events calendar

  • Attendance tracking

  • Group management

  • Customized feeds

Calendaring & Events Management

With CampusGroups, you'll find everything you need to organize, plan and manage your events. Keep track of all events at once in a synchronized campus-wide calendar, streamline the even request process with customizable forms and easily promote them through our communication tools (emails, feed, chat). our calendar can be integrated with any other campus calendar!

  • Centralized calendar

  • Events  management

  • Approval process

  • Attendance Tracking

  • Online Payment & ticket sales

  • Room reservation system inegration

We have solutions for your entire campus

Alumni Community

Once part of the CampusGroups group community, you create life-long relationships with campus students. Our Alumni community management allows students to reach out to experienced professionals, get advice, communicate, network. Alumni can access the campus directory, email students, post job offers and communicate with their organization as long as they wish to be part of it.

  • Profile management

  • Networking

  • Events management

  • Alumni group management

  • Communication tools

  • Directories

  • Integration with other platforms

  • Fund-raising

Attendance Tracking

With CampusGroups, tracking attendance is as easy as swiping a student's ID card or scanning a QR code from their smartphone. Enjoy faster event check-ins while gathering insightful data to keep your events engaging and well-attended.​

  • Attendance tracking options

  • Check in and out

  • Self check-in

  • Kiosks

  • Virtual attendance tracking

  • Using ID cards

  • Appointments management

Campus Communication

CampusGroups offers a variety of tools for students, administration, alumni and other friends of campus to communicate. Our Email Builder allows you to easily drag and drop widgets to build your own newsletter and designed templates, while the private chat helps you exchange directly with specific friends. You can also post on the campus feed or your group pages for campus-wide offers, questions or any information you'd like to share.

  • Email/newsletter builder

  • Custom feed

  • Two way chat

  • Notifications to mobile phone

  • Websites

  • Group Pages

Career Center

Create a job board for students to discover internships, jobs and apply to new career opportunities. Manage employers through profiles and job submission approval process. Organize career fairs or conferences within your campus with the events module to help students find their way.

  • Job boards

  • Professionals & students matching

  • Employer management

Campus Elections

Our dynamic and customizable forms allow students to run elections through surveys and polls. Easily custom your own nominations with candidates' information and automate the voting process, on any device. Our dynamic reports and analytics allow you to get instant results, to make elections easy, quick and transparent.

  • Surveys / Polls

  • Analytics

Data & Analytics

Based on the multitude of data points collected at every engagement point, CampusGroups provides extensive dashboards, analytics, and reports to support your student success and retention efforts. Harness the information to assess the effectiveness of programming and communications.

  • Dashboard

  • Trends & statistics

  • Reports

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