Alumni Community Management

Create a life-long connection to your campus! Our all-in-one Alumni Community platform promotes meaningful communication and strong networks.

Stand out and engage your Alumni Community

Get your Alumni network to communicate using a unique, modern and fun platform that rivals other information channels, professional networks and social media. Our users love that CampusGroups is highly customizable and always innovating.

An environment where Alumni feel like they belong

Each Alumni community has its own look and feel and is created to meet the needs of your network. It is where Alumni re-connect with old friends and expand their network, receiving support from peers and from a worldwide community. As an extension of campus life, Alumni have exclusive access to resources, events and career support.


Manage and engage your Alumni community online.


Provide An Updated Directory

Alumni can easily make changes to their profiles, keeping your database up-to-date. Users choose which fields they want to make public and which to keep private.

Organize Worldwide Events

From local meetups around the globe to reunion weekends on campus, easily keep track of your events calendar. Organize worldwide events, per country or region. Manage registrations and communications in a centralized location.

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Alumni Chapters & Group Management

Create groups for alumni based on class year, location, and affinity. Enhance connections through targeted events and communications.

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Foster Networking

Connect and engage your Alumni community around the globe. Access your entire alumni network in a single place, finding old friends or making new connections. Search for alumni based on year, industry, or common interests, and connect with just one click.

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Email Marketing Tools

Create custom-designed email templates and send out targeted communications with the news alums most want to hear. Track open and click rates to measure engagement. Mailing lists are updated automatically, reducing bounce rates and efforts to find lost alumni.

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Manage Mentoring Between Alumni & Students

Search through a database of mentors and volunteer to become a mentor to current students or other alumni. Add capability to book one-on-one meetings and connect with your Google or Outlook 365 calendar.

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Our Alumni Community management allows students to reach out to experienced professionals, get advice, communicate, network. Alumni can access the campus directory, email students, post job offers and communicate with their organization as long as they wish to be part of it.


Manage Careers

Post positions open to alumni from employers and enable alumni to share opportunities at their own companies. Provide access to resources for lifelong career development.

Manage Membership & Premium Access

Maintain giving societies and other exclusive organizations. Provide exclusive access to benefits and offers just for donors.

Location-Based Events, People & Content

Recommendations for events and contacts appear based on an alum's location. Ability to switch location views means alumni can make connections before they arrive in a new city.

Integration With CRM & Career Platforms

Our powerful API tools and integrations allow you to seamlessly connect with existing university systems, keeping data up-to-date across multiple platforms.

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Manage Fundraising & Crowdfunding

Engaged alumni are more likely to be donors. Make giving easy by integrating directly with one of our many supported payment gateways for events, memberships, fundraising campaigns and donations.

Dedicated Mobile App & Events Apps

Create a customized, curated experience for alumni that is accessible in the palm of their hands! Branded for your institution, build and create menus and add content to get alums checking in often to see the latest events and communications. Build specialized menus for large-scale events including reunions.

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Multilingual Mobile App

Your Alumni Community is located all around the world. Our mobile app will be in the language your phone is set up to. We are working on adding new languages all the time.

Data Management Dashboard

Gain real-time metrics on alumni engagement and chapter activity. Generate detailed reports on the content important to your institution.

Coming soon!

Stay tuned for our next features to help you manage your Alumni department!

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