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CampusGroups combines the functionality of more than 30 unique modules for you to easily customize the perfect one-stop shop for your community.

  • Groups & Membership

    Manage organization registrations. Let members join groups and pay dues. Allow group admins to manage all their communication, events and processes.

  • Email Marketing

    Compose beautiful emails and send them to target lists of recipients. Track open and click rates. Create or re-use email & newsletter templates.

  • Surveys, Forms & Polls

    Create surveys with all kinds of questions, pages, skip logics, and send them to targeted lists of members. Organize elections, polls and collect precious information.

  • Workflows & Approval Processes

    Dynamically route any form through the appropriate workflow, including events approval and club registration processes to the right people to 'sign off' across campus.

  • Services Hours

    Allow users to track service hours for various activities and volunteer engagements.

  • Website Builder

    Create beautiful and easy-to-maintain website in minutes. Use our drag-n-drop website builder to produce content or publish automated widgets.

  • Virtual Events

    Design your Virtual Event to help constituents learn about activities for engagement or join an in-person event in an online format.

  • Events Management

    Create simple meetings or advanced events. Publish them on a centralized calendar. Organize registrations, ticket sales and much more.

  • Attendance Tracking

    Track attendance at all your events from a laptop or the CampusGroups mobile app. Know who are your most engaged members and download reports.

  • Room Reservations

    Integrate with your own existing Room Reservation system, or create spaces with specific reservation rules, and let your users book and add other participants.

  • Event Hub

    Create a dedicated mobile app for reunions,  conferences, and any multi-day events. Give your attendees a dedicated space to connect, engage and find information.

  • Mobile App

    Create a one stop shop via a fully centralized mobile experience. The portal can direct to important resources and facilitate engagement via instant push notifications.

  • Online Orientation

    Design your orientation app and offer your attendees an immersive experience both online and in person.

  • Discussion Feeds

    Create topic feeds for classified, forums, news, marketplaces and any other discussion and collaboration purposes.

  • Chat

    Chat with one or several members at a time. Chat with group leaders, event organizers or receive important notifications from the CampusGroups bot.

  • Stores

    Create one or several stores, add products and allow anyone to make purchases online. Tracks sales, manage inventory and logistics.

  • Online Payments

    Collect membership dues, sell event tickets or articles on your store. CampusGroups integrates with any payment gateways and tracks all your revenues.

  • Campus-Wide Directory

    Have all your users listed in one central searchable directory. Allow them to complete their profiles and to sync their resume with Linkedin.

  • Connection Programs

    Create a mentorship program, let mentors sign up and create availability. Allow mentees to send requests to mentors, and to book meetings.

  • Meeting Scheduler

    Create meeting pages and allow anyone to book your personal calendar without seeing all your meetings. Synchronize with Google Calendar or Office 365.

  • Gamification

    Use the CampusGroups engagement badges or create your own custom ones. Let members see everyone's badges, points and ranks on the leaderboard.

  • Tracks & Checklists

    Guide your members through to-do lists and pathways to provide a more intentional engagement and learning experience.

  • Co-Curricular Transcript

    Allow students to track involvement including memberships, leadership positions, event attendance, and more and generate a document to showcase achievements.

  • Engagement Dashboard

    Give staff and volunteers a central view of a constituent's engagement in an at-a-glance format.

  • Analytics

    See how your group is doing at any time thanks to charts and engagement metrics. Visualize and compare data for specific time periods.

  • Reports

    Your data is your data. CampusGroups allows you to download all your data into Excel or PDF reports. Use simple reports or create custom ones.

  • Integrations

    Connect to other campus systems including your SSO, SIS, CRM, room reservation software, payment gateways, and more.

  • Career Center

    Create a job board for students to discover and apply for career opportunities. Manage employers through profiles and a job submission and approval process.

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