New Feature Alert! Host your next Virtual Career Fair with CampusGroups.


Allow students to discover groups and get involved online


Design your Virtual Organization Fair to help students learn about co-curricular activities and get involved, even remotely. Increase student engagement online.

CampusGroups held over 200 Virtual Fairs

In only 3 months

Student organizations, university resources, and community partners have hosted 86,000 booths and received 750,000 visits from students.

Facilitate the application and booth management process

Manage group registration for the fair, attendee registration, and even create a ‘Help Desk’ that students can utilize during the fair if they need assistance. Invite your colleagues in other departments to set up a booth too!

Provide a complete directory of student groups

Students can browse to find groups that pique their interest and learn more through pre-recorded videos. Each group can brand their ‘booth’, upload handouts/documents, and talk to new students via videoconference to share information and answer questions.

Allow students to chat with officers and members

Interested students can live chat with group leaders and members (in a group chat or privately) to get to know the group. If interested, they can join the organization or become a contact to stay in touch.

Match students with suggested groups

Students can be matched with recommended groups based on interest areas to help them find the right opportunities. Make it easy to find a student’s perfect fit by pointing them in the right direction.

Allow students to easily join groups

Increase recruitment by allowing students to easily join groups with one click. Keep students engaged throughout the semester and impact student success and retention.

Centralize all your virtual fair opportunities in one app


Allow club officers to communicate with interested students

After the fair is over, officers will have access to the list of interested students so they can follow up via email to continue the conversation. New students can continue to receive information to decide if they’d like to officially join the group.

Keep students engaged with gamification

Encourage students to engage, reward them with badges everytime they live chat with a group. Badges are also a good way to interact with peers sharing the same interests.

Live metrics to create excitement

Attendees and exhibitors can view real time metrics such as number of people currently attending, number of organizations available for live chat, and new memberships. Mirror the buzz of a busy room through this virtual fair.

Interested in learning more about CampusGroups?

    Read about our campuses' virtual experiences!

    "I loved how easy it was to build a virtual fair. I prepared myself for a stressful experience, and it was the complete opposite. Like all of the Campus Groups modules, the virtual fair is built for higher education administrators. Without extensive IT experience, you can build a virtual event customized to your campus. After the success of our Orientation Expo, we will now be building our Career Fair in the platform!”

    Frances Field

    King Abdullah University of Science and Technology

    "This was my University’s first time hosting a virtual fair and I could not be more impressed with the CampusGroups platform. My student group officers found setting up their fair really easy and our student participants loved the chat and virtual conferencing features. My favorite part was the clickable map we created! I loved that students could access our different organizations by clicking pizza slices."

    Brittany Vytal

    Assistant Director, Center of Campus Life at MCPHS University

    "Our map was designed by one of our student organizations, Stanford Cartographic Society, a group of map enthusiasts (...). We really like how user-friendly the system is and how easy it was for our student organizations to set up their booths. Setting up the fair was also a simple process and the CG staff was very helpful and responsive."

    Alex Moreno

    Program Coordinator at Stanford University

    Cornell Johnson

    Bowdoin University

    University of Illinois Chicago

    "I found the fair very easy to set up and the instructions easy to follow. I appreciated the alternate platform and it also gave my students an opportunity to use the same system they would normally use to join clubs. The chat & zoom features were great. Multiple students said it was fun to be able to jump around from club to club (I enjoyed it as well actually!). They loved the ability to engage on a personal level - it was easier to have conversations than at an in-person fair."

    Scott A. Siegel-Ortiz

    Senior Associate Director of Student Life & Engagement at Columbia Business School

    "The Alma Mater Society of UBC was blown away by the level of engagement that transpired over these virtual fairs. It gave us a sense of hope that, though different, we were still on track in ensuring that the shared experiences on campus that shape our university careers still exist and are attainable with a certain level of creativity which comes with adjusting to new situations like these."

    Sylvester M.

    Vice President, Administration of UBC

    "Our team was blown away by the quick and personable customer service provided in setting up our custom virtual fair map. Not only were our fair zones hyperlinked, but the CampusGroups team was able to hyperlink the user’s suggested clubs and information booth too! At the end of the day, all our students and club officers loved the interactive and aesthetic map that sets CampusGroups virtual fairs apart from other providers."