New Feature Alert!   Facilitate Virtual Orientation and manage Campus Restart Processes for the Fall with CampusGroups.


Allow students to discover groups and get involved online


Design your Virtual Organization Fair to help students learn about co-curricular activities and get involved, even remotely. Increase student engagement online.

Facilitate the application and booth management process

Manage group registration for the fair, attendee registration, and even create a ‘Help Desk’ that students can utilize during the fair if they need assistance. Invite your colleagues in other departments to set up a booth too!

Provide a complete directory of student groups

Students can browse to find groups that pique their interest and learn more through pre-recorded videos. Each group can brand their ‘booth’, upload handouts/documents, and talk to new students via videoconference to share information and answer questions.

Allow students to chat with officers and members

Interested students can live chat with group leaders and members (in a group chat or privately) to get to know the group. If interested, they can join the organization or become a contact to stay in touch.

Match students with suggested groups

Students can be matched with recommended groups based on interest areas to help them find the right opportunities. Make it easy to find a student’s perfect fit by pointing them in the right direction.

Allow students to easily join groups

Increase recruitment by allowing students to easily join groups with one click. Keep students engaged throughout the semester and impact student success and retention.

Centralize all your virtual fair opportunities in one app


Allow club officers to communicate with interested students

After the fair is over, officers will have access to the list of interested students so they can follow up via email to continue the conversation. New students can continue to receive information to decide if they’d like to officially join the group.

Keep students engaged with gamification

Encourage students to engage, reward them with badges everytime they live chat with a group. Badges are also a good way to interact with peers sharing the same interests.

Live metrics to create excitement

Attendees and exhibitors can view real time metrics such as number of people currently attending, number of organizations available for live chat, and new memberships. Mirror the buzz of a busy room through this virtual fair.

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