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Your student orientation app by CampusGroups


Design your student orientation app and offer your attendees an immersive experience both online and in person.

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Create your orientation app

Create a curated experience for your attendees through a dedicated orientation app for your campus.

Connect students to important resources such as schedules and programs of events, QR code for virtual check ins, networking with other attendees, scheduling virtual meetings with your advisors, FAQs, or requirement checklists. Display all your custom orientation tools in one single app, right in the palm of their hand.

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Design web pages for your orientation

Design a new student landing page, directing them to important videos and resources, guidance, everything they need to do to set them up for success as the semester begins.

Web pages can be set to different levels of privacy: visible to everyone, only to people who registered, or only to parents for instance.

List programs and schedules

Map out programmatic tracks, sell tickets for virtual or on-campus sessions. Design separate schedules for new students, transfer students, and parents.

Connect with your e-commerce or video conferencing software to secure payments and links to sessions.

Incorporate virtual content such as virtual training (like alcohol education, Title IX, Sexual Misconduct Prevention Training).

Centralize all your orientation tools in one app

Discover all the features you can include in your orientation app


Track attendance during orientation sessions

If lots of attendees want to attend a short staffed session or if they need to be welcomed in a short window of time, allow them to self check-in.

Allow attendees to self check-in to virtual events and trainings. Ensure attendees are physically in attendance and remain present with check out options and a self-refreshing QR code.

Create checklists of requirements

List basic checklists and requirements, map out required and optional trainings for students, include access to internal and external content, track completion through quizzes and assessments, or even send a reminder for incomplete requirements.

You can also map progress for students to follow their advancement on the checklist.

Communicate with new students and parents

Send personalized messages directly to a new student's mobile phone via mass chats or push notifications. Welcome the attendees and immediately connect them to support resources to ensure student success.

Allow orientation leaders to manage their cohorts online, allow them to lead small group chats to help new students and answer their questions before or during orientation.

Allow your attendees to register online

Create, edit and schedule events online. Have students register for specific advising blocks, time specific sessions or parent town halls.

Attendees will receive all information needed regarding their upcoming events on-the-go, through the mobile app.

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