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Create processes to protect your community against COVID-19


Utilize CampusGroups to manage COVID-related processes and protect your students and staff as they come back on campus for the Fall semester.

Testing Station Management

Create an entire process for on-campus COVID testing including stations, individual test scheduling, reminders and test attendance tracking. Let students select a testing station and choose an available timeslot. Send automated mobile and email reminders. Track attendance or mark student as “No Show”.

Communicate with everyone to help manage lines and redirection to under-utilized stations. Access your data and download reports.

Social Distancing Events Management

Make event registrations and capping mandatory in order to limit the number of attendees at events. Enforce attendance tracking at all events and prevent walk-ins. Implement “no-touch” attendance tracking thanks to our QR Code scanning system.

Create a “Seat Assignment” system with our Slot Management tool, and keep track of who was seated next to whom during events and classes.

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Contact Tracing

Enforce event registrations and attendance tracking for all on-campus events thanks to our mobile & web event management module.

In just a few clicks, access the full list of all contacts that a person encountered during events they attended, within a given time range.

Download this data into Excel, including all contacts, their information, their registration and check-in/check-out details.

Daily Health Checking

Organize daily health checks with our survey feature, self diagnosis questions, workflow logic and custom instructions. Use our checklist feature to track daily responses. Allow campus security to review survey responses as users enter your campus. Flag a user and prevent them from attending on-campus events or class.

Using CampusGroups to Support Student Success During COVID-19


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