Get insights to help your students be successful

Stay in touch with your group's needs, opinions, and information with streamlined tools for forms and surveys in Campusgroups.

Create powerful surveys & forms in minutes

CampusGroups includes templates and tools to generate forms with ease. Customize your questions, invite students to participate via email, and set access levels for different group members.

Collect data in a centralized location

Keep your records up-to-date and organized without the hassle. Since your surveys and forms feed into one central database, your campus stays efficient as you grow.

Increase engagement with online elections

Foster leadership and participation with online elections. Groups can easily create ballots, share them with members, and send reminder notifications to gather votes.


Collect the data you need, analyse results, and download reports to better understand your student community.

Gather useful insights after your events

Use automated surveys to poll your attendees following an event, allowing you to gather useful insights and feedback for ongoing improvement.

Save time with automated approval workflows

Outsource your administrative to-do list to CampusGroups, with ready-to-use processes for event request forms, student group registration, reimbursment requests, budget approvals, and more.

Become a surveys & forms expert

Join a community of thousands of users on CampusGroups

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