Real-time engagement data at your fingertips


Enjoy faster check-ins while gathering insightful data to keep your events engaging and attended.​

Give Guests A Warm Welcome

With CampusGroups' integrated features, it's easy to add event attendees to your private community and form new connections.​

Streamlined Check-Ins​

Enjoy multiple options for efficient event check-in: Scan QR codes or bracelets at the door, swipe student ID cards, or manually enter attendees with a few taps in your app.​

"This year it’s important to be as paperless and touchfree as possible. We can have students sign-in to events by simply using their barcode instead of grabbing everyone’s All-Card and scanning them individually.”

Student at Xavier University

Track Ongoing Engagement​

Keep a running record of event participation for each student and use engagement data to generate instant Co-Curricular transcripts.​


Get automatic attendance data from every event with multiple convenient options for guest check-in. Track attendance at all your events from a laptop or the CampusGroups mobile app. Know who are your most engaged members and download reports.


Track Attendance Online

If you are holding an online class, event, or webinar and would like to track attendance, there are two ways for you to do so (and an easy way to check out, too). You can display the self check-in QR code on your event presentation or use a dynamic QR code for self check-in. You can also see who attended your event until the end with the self check-out feature.

Set Permissions & Timelines

Prevent last-minute cancellations by customizing your event's registration options, with designated time windows for signing up — and showing up — to your events.

Check In At Locations

Invite students to check in at locations across campus with a simple ID swipe or QR code scan. Use this data to make informed decisions about what rooms and resources are most important.

Create Instant Data Reports

Collect, organize, and analyze comprehensive student engagement and attendance data. Export your reports at any time to share insights and keep records.

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