Collect membership dues, sell event tickets, and open your online store with our secure payments platform.


Connect your payment gateway to your campus community to pay for membership dues, or sell event tickets. Centralize all transactions in one place.

Receive Payments

  • Charge membership dues when users join your group
  • Sell event tickets online
  • Sell products on an online CampusGroups store
  • Users can add money to their CampusGroups wallet
  • Users can pay with all major credit card, PayPal, checks, cash or school account

Payment Gateway Integrations

  • CampusGroups integrates with PayPal, Payflow, Stripe, Authorize.Net, CyberSource, TouchNet, CashNet, Nelnet, Moneris, Braintree, NABTransact, PayZen and more! Learn more about our partners and integrations
  • Money transactions flows directory to your account
  • CampusGroups can receive money on your behalf and re-distribute it via ACH, Check or PayPal Transfers

More Options

  • Propose multiple membership options at different prices
  • Each group can have one or more stores
  • Allow users to request refunds, and administrators to approve or deny a refund
  • Collect membership payments in the currency you want
  • Get CampusGroups to receive money for you on a central payment gateway account, and to distribute the money to all the groups

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