Foster leadership and skill-sharing with your group's mentoring program.


Create a mentorship program. Allow mentees to send requests, synchronize your calendar and create a custom link to make meetings a breeze.

Connection Programs

  • Allow students to search a ‘marketplace’ of resources to connect to the appropriate person
  • Students may search resources based on customizable tags, topics, or certification levels
  • Searchable directory allowing students to explore, message, and book with staff
  • Or create a one on one connection allowing students’ easy access to support network calendars
  • Facilitate office/meeting ‘check ins’ or walk ins
  • Allow staff to take notes during appointments, visible to other staff members

Meeting Scheduler

  • Create meeting pages and allow anyone to book your personal calendar without seeing all your meetings
  • Integrates with Google Calendar and Outlook 365
  • Helpful for advising, mentorship or tutor programs

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