Help students learn from new job openings and career opportunities.


Create a job board for students to discover and apply for career opportunities. Manage employers through profiles, job submission, and approval process.

Create A Career Management Group

  • Create a new Group called "Career Management".
  • Manage this group through the dashboard to create career events, job fairs, send emails, add members, share documents, create a website, create opportunities for professionals to exchange with students.

Manage Job Offers

  • Post Jobs on the job board with all the needed job parameters and categorization.
  • Allow community partners to submit jobs for posting with the appropriate approval process.
  • Manage employer profiles.
  • Integrate with existing career-management software such as GradLeaders.

Allow Students To Apply Easily

  • Configure an Apply button to open a specific Employer Website page, or to receive applications via a Job Application Form.
  • Allow job seekers to create or upload a resume.
  • Let students search jobs, bookmark them and apply online.

Allow Employers To Recruit Easily

  • Let employers post their job offers themselves.
  • Allow them to log on and schedule on-site recruiting events, with attendance list for these events.
  • They can review resumes of students who have expressed interests.
  • Use calendar synchronization to schedule interviews with students.

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Learn more about all the tools we have to offer to boost your students' careers, match their goals, facilitate job posting for recruiters, and help your career management service ease their processes.


Dedicated To Career Management Services

  • Allow your career management service to create all kinds of career related events for students.
  • Post career news on the feed for students to receive daily digests.
  • Create career counseling and advising for students to book meetings and for staff to keep notes.
  • Create a CRM with custom fields for student to fill out, and keep track of students' career goals.
  • Collect placement data from students with the survey feature.

Send A Career Newsletter

Use the Email Builder module to send marketing emails and newsletters to all sutdents, including job and event widgets.

Learn more about the Email Builder.

Organize Virtual Career Fairs

Allow employers to host a virtual booth so students can explore career opportunities and communicate with potential matches.

Design your Virtual Career Fair to help students learn about co-curricular activities and get involved, even remotely.

Create A Career Checklist

Create a custom checklist with specific goals, for students to complete. Track the completion of the checklist for each student, and help them achieve their goals.

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