Give your group a searchable directory of members to facilitate networking and new connections.


Browse the Directory and quickly find anyone on campus thanks to our powerful search engine. Staff and faculty, prospective students, alumni and recruiters can also be part of the platform.

Directory and Search

  • List all users on campus
  • Filter list by Account Type and Year of Graduation
  • Advanced search capability by geographic location, industry, company name and so on
  • Quickly access anyone's profile


  • Customize your profile page
  • Display the groups and events that you are attending
  • Post photos on your profile
  • Update your resume and publish it on your profile
  • Decide which information you want to display or not
  • Easily import your LinkedIn resume
  • Display your earned badges and points

New! Matching Interests

To inspire new connections and create opportunities, we have created a way to automatically match users based on common interests.

On the Directory page, a new button allows users to see a curated list of “Suggested For You” connections, automatically matching users based on their interests. More profile information and filtering options are displayed, such as interests, city, country, sport, language, company, job title, etc.

Privacy Settings

  • Decide which profile information you wish to share with others
  • Decide if you want people to know that you are a member of a group or not
  • Hide your groups from your profile
  • Hide your photos from your profile

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