Increase student engagement, build a better retention and success strategy.


Get to know your students better, improve students engagement to build their way to success.

Engage your students through gamification

Create custom badges to recognize student for involvement, including memberships, leadership positions, event attendance, etc.

Support retention initiatives with dynamic student success profiles. Let members see everyone's badges, points and ranks on the leaderboard.

Create guided pathways to promote student success

Guide students toward goals, competencies, and established learning outcomes by leading them through co-curricular involvement tracks.

CampusGroups Tracks display clear & transparent program expectations and progress, connecting students to enriching outside-the-classroom experiences to earn credit for the requirements you set for them.​

Build students success strategy

Give advisors and student success staff centralized insight into students' involvement and engagement outside the classroom.

Create personalized action plans for students with continuously updated data to further refine predictions, scoring and prescriptive actions.

Help students find service opportunities and track hours

Allow students to explore designated service opportunities and register to participate.

Track service hours for students through event participation or other experiences. Bulk upload service hours and assign to students and groups.

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