Flexible Pricing

We offer different pricing plans for different feature sets and school sizes.
Select the option that works best for your organization, and if you're not sure, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us.

Virtual Fair

$2,500 Up to 500 groups / $100 for additional 100 groups
Only $899 for existing campus-wide implementations
Cost-saving Unlimited Fairs option also available (contact your Campus Success Associate)

Design your Virtual Fair to help students learn about co-curricular activities or career opportunities. Increase campus engagement and success online.

  • Virtual Fair Map and Zones

  • Searchable List of Groups

  • Booth Design Tools

  • Group Suggestions based on Interests

  • Live Chat with Booth Owners

  • Video Conferencing Options

  • Booth Visitors Sign-In Sheet

  • Post-Fair Follow-up & Reporting Tools

  • Group Registrations & Users Management

  • Accessible on Web and Mobile

  • Dedicated Implementation Specialist

  • Access to Training Webinars

Orientation App

$3,500 3 months / 2,500 attendees / Mobile & Web
Only $299 for existing campus-wide implementations
Cost-saving Unlimited Apps option also available (contact your Campus Success Associate)

  • Event Registrations

  • Agenda & Session Management

  • Speaker Management

  • Virtual Attendance Tracking

  • Attendees & User Matching

  • Email/Newsletter Builder

  • Chat (one-on-one or groups)

  • Orientation News Feeds

  • Surveys, Forms, Polls & Quizzes

  • Badges/Points & Leaderboard

  • Checklists (for requirements)

  • Virtual Meeting Scheduler (Google/Outlook)

  • Orientation Website

  • Custom Lists & Campus Resources

  • External Website Integration

  • Push notifications

Campus Community App

Call Us (844) HELLO-CG, or Book a Demo with us.

For institutions with many groups & users, needing a campus-wide implementation with more features, customizations, API and dedicated customer service.

  • Includes all Campus Community App features

  • Enterprise Implementation Plan

  • Approval Workflows

  • White Labeling

  • Dedicated Email Server

  • Single Sign-On

  • Integrations & API

  • Single Tenant

  • Data warehouse

  • Dedicated Mobile App

  • Dedicated Account Manager