Administrator Transition

Transitioning Ownership of CampusGroups- Best Practices

We want to help! We recommend scheduling a meeting with your CSA and your successor so that we can discuss the transition and how the CSA will play a role. We can share some best practices for the transition and get a plan in place for ensuring your successor is well trained in the platform and can move forward with the projects you have started!

Administrator Transition Document

We recommend that you consider creating a CampusGroups transition document to give to your successor when you leave your position to help them continue where you left off with the platform. Below are some recommended topics to include. You can also download a more detailed and editable guide here.

Brief Overview of CampusGroups

Share contact information for the CG team and campus collaborators and information about training materials. Discuss the features you use and what projects CG is used for.

CampusGroups Processes

Explain any processes related to your role with CG. This may include Registration, Uploading/ Removing Users, Annual Events or Event Hubs, Budgeting Processes, etc.

Student Engagement

Share some information about how students in your community are engaged with the platform. Explain what has worked in the past and what hasn't.

CampusGroups Goals

Share what you are currently working on as well as any features you would consider adding in the future or projects you think CG could potentially be used for. Share a partnership plan if you have one or direct your successor to the goal website.

CampusGroups SWOT Analysis

Share the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats to your Goals with the platform.

General Recommendations and Tips

Share any additional recommendations, tips, or your favorite things about CG!

Be sure to add these important tools to your transition document!

In- House Training Materials

Any training guides you have created on campus

User Community

Explain what the User Community is and share the link for accessing it

CG University

Share that CG University is a training tool we provide that they can access by joining the CG University Group in the User Community

CampusGroups Help Page

Remind them that they can find all of our help articles here

CampusGroups Contacts

Remind them to work with your CSA on best practices/ use cases and to email if they need to submit tickets