Best Practices for Left Menu Setup

Left Menu Length

We recommend keeping your Left Menu shorter than your web page so that it is fully visible at all times. Here are some ways to achieve that:

  • Don't double up on features that are already on the top of the web page- Groups and Events do not need to be in the Left Menu. You also may not need the Logout button, since that is in the Profile Menu. If you do choose to include it, we recommend keeping it at the bottom.
  • A Group of Menus will create a drop down list of items, which cleans up and shortens your Menu.
  • If a Group of Menus is not appropriate, consider using a Menu Section to create a header and organize items to ease understanding.

Consider the User Experience

Some of the Widgets in the Hub builder are only available on web or mobile while others are available on both. Be sure to think about what you want to include in each space and consider whether you want the User experience to be the same on the web and mobile or if you want to offer different experiences.

Remember that you can also change the access rights for different Menu items so you can alter the experience based on the User!

Building your Left Menu

My Activity Section vs. My Activity Menu

The My Activity Section is longer and will show how many notifications you have for each item in the menu. The My Activity Menu is a drop-down, which leaves more room on your Menu and will not show the number of notifications until it is expanded.

You will not need both of these in your Menu, but will need to consider which better suits the needs of your community.

Using the Feed

We recommend including the Feed in your Left Menu even if you are not planning to use the Community Feed. This is a quick and easy way for Users to access the Feed Channels for their Groups!

Include the Homepage

Be sure to include your Homepage in your Left Menu by using the Pages Widget and selecting the Homepage you built for your platform.

Customizing your Left Menu


Rename your Menu Items

Use custom language to make your Menu feel like "home" to your community. Be careful not to use lengthy titles- you want your Users to be able to see the full title.


Use Web Views

Web Views can be used to link out to external campus resources, important web pages, etc.


Customize your Icons

Did you know you can create your own custom icons for your Left Menu? Some of our Users have used their community mascot, other images that are related to their community culture, and changed colors to reflect their branding. Create your own icons and send them to


Keep it Dynamic

Don't be afraid to switch up the Left Menu throughout the year with new items. Some campuses will put important Election Forms in the Left Menu or information during Commencement or other large-scale Events.