Best Practices for Homepage Setup

Homepage Considerations

Know your audience. The Homepage is only seen on the web and is not accessible for mobile Users. When creating your Homepage, think about who will access it and when so that you add relevant content.

Also remember that you can change the access rights for each Widget you add to your Homepage, which will allow you to customize the experience for different Users. You might also consider purchasing our Pages feature, which will allow you to make entirely separate Homepages and publish them with different access rights. To learn more about that feature, speak with your Campus Success Consultant.

Use the Homepage to encourage engagement. It is helpful to have a call to action on the Homepage explaining to Users what the platform is for and how you hope they will use it. Many communities will even include tips and tricks for using the platform or a link to a resource page about CampusGroups.

We also recommend adding Widgets based on what will be used a lot in your community. For example, if there are Surveys and Forms that will need to be filled out regularly by most community members, include those on the Homepage for ease of access.

Include community members in creating Homepage content. Some communities have had their Users create graphics or share images that can be used on the Homepage. This helps to boost excitement around the Homepage and draws Users to the platform!

Make it Feel like "Home"

Find an aesthetic that suits your community- use your colors and branding guidelines, include custom images and mascots. Whatever aesthetic or theme you choose, keep it consistent for the full page.

Tip: You can use the Homepage to create a one-stop shop for your Users by adding buttons that link out to other platforms like Blackboard or Canvas. If you are doing this, we recommend using the logos from those platforms so they are easily noticeable for Users.

Creative Homepage Ideas

Include Playlists

Pull in a Spotify Playlist that represents your community or the time of year so that Users can listen to something curated by you!

Add Social Media

Pull in a Feed from your community's social media accounts so that Users can access that without even leaving the platform! You can keep one main feed at all times or rotate and highlight the accounts of different Groups within your Community!

Use Videos

Consider using videos that showcase different community events, community members, or how to videos! Some communities will even include a video feed of a local beach or other part of the area!

When to Update your Homepage


Fall Opening

Update your Homepage during opening to welcome everyone back and get them excited for the new year!



Many communities will decorate the Homepage for the holidays and even add a holiday playlist


Large Campus Events or Traditions

Anytime there is a large event happening or a big campus tradition, it can be fun to decorate your Homepage or add content that will help Users navigate the experience!



Add a new banner for Homecoming, highlight large Events, include a Survey for Homecoming court, etc.



Add a "Class of" Banner, share photos or videos that highlight the graduating class, or include important information or Forms for graduates.


Community Announcements

Many communities will include a section on the Homepage that changes on a weekly or semi-regular basis that has campus announcements, news, or highlights.