Best Practices for Mobile App Setup

Dos and Don'ts of App Setup

DO always include the Switch Hub widget in your App Menu so that Users can easily navigate between multiple Community or Event Hubs that they have access to.

DO always include the Logout widget in your App Menu so that Users can logout when they wish to do so.

DO always include More in the Bottom menu so that Users can find the Menu of your app.

DO use the Activity Feed or the Menu as the landing page for your App to allow for engagement.

DO gather feedback from your Users on what to include in your Menu.

DO consider changing out the Widgets in your App Menu for different times of year. You can add in menus for things like homecoming, commencement, etc.

DO always add the Menu item to the bottom menu- there is no other way for Users to access it.

DON'T double up on features in the App. For example, the QR Code Scanner is available at the top of the screen on the More page, and does not need to be in the menu. Features such as Events and Feed do not need to be in both the Bottom Menu and the main Menu.

DON'T have more than 5 widgets on the Bottom Menu for your App, as this will overcrowd it. NOTE: If you choose to edit the Bottom Menu, you are creating a whole new Menu, so if you only add one item, it will be a one item Menu. You will want to be sure to add back in anything you want to keep the first time you edit the Bottom Menu.

DON'T assign the "Officers Only" Access Rights unless you only want Officers of the Group hosting the Hub to have access. "Officers Only" does not mean all Officers in your platform.

Setting Access Rights

Use Access Rights to change the User experience for different audiences. For example, you can have certain Menus that are only accessible by First-Year students, Honors students, etc.

If you have questions about Access Rights, work with your Campus Success Consultant or our Support Team to get them set up appropriately.

Popular Widgets and Hub Uses

Web View

Web Views allow you to show any web page in your App. You can link to a web page built in CampusGroups, a page from your main campus website, Canvas, Blackboard, etc. This is a great way to customize your App and make it a unique space for your Users!


Using the Feed creatively encourages Users to interact with each other on the App. You can create unique Feed channels, host challenges, and share important information and updates from the Feed.


Adding the Chat features allows Users to connect with anyone else in your community, either privately or in small groups. Widespread use of this feature will bring people back to the App regularly.


Adding the Leaderboards allows Users to look at their Points and Badges and will help you use the Gamification features of the platform to encourage engagement.

Event Hub

Purchase an Event Hub for large-scale Events such as orientation, commencement, or conferences so that users can find the agenda, maps, information, and engagement opportunities all in once place.

Seek and Find!

Use the Custom List or Checklist features to create a Seek and Find on campus as a way to engage your Users.

Frequently Asked Widget Questions

What is the difference between the My Activity Menu and the My Activity Section?

For App purposes, you do not need to worry about the My Activity Section, because it is only available for the Web. You should always use the My Activity Menu in your App so that Users can find their Meetings, Checklists, Badges/ Points, Surveys/ Forms, and Workflows.

What is the difference between a Menu Section and a Group of Menus?

A Menu Section will create a header at the top of a new section of items. This is a good way to keep your App Menu organized.

A Group of Menus will create a drop-down list of items. This can be used to keep your Menu from looking overpopulated.

How can I add features into my App that don't have a corresponding Widget?

Any page from your platform can be brought into the App Menu through the use of a Web View. If you'd like to add in a feature that doesn't have a corresponding Widget, such as the Service Opportunities page, you will need to go to the Service Opportunities page in your platform and copy the URL for that page. Then, you can paste that URL into a Web View Widget and give it in appropriate name and icon.

Customizing your App


Edit the App Settings

Under the Settings Menu for your App, you can customize your Icon, Header Logo, and Header color (which will also be the default color for your icons). You can also edit the login screen photo for your App by going to Settings --> Branding under the main Admin menu in your platform.


Create an Automated Welcome Message

If you add the Chat feature to your Menu, you can edit the Widget and add an automated Welcome Message that Users will receive upon their first login. Create a message sharing how you want Users to engage with your App and welcoming them to your space!


Update your Community's Security Information

The information found when a User clicks on the Security Shield in your App should reflect your community's security contacts. To customize this message, please contact


Rename your Menu Items

Use language that is familiar to your community when naming your Menu items to make the App feel more like "home" to your Users.


Customize your Icons

Did you know you can create your own custom icons for the app? Some of our Users have used their community mascot, other images that are related to their community culture, and changed colors to reflect their branding. Create your own icons and send them to


Purchase a Custom Branded App

Did you know you can purchase a Custom Branded App? This will allow Users to search by your App's custom name in the App store so they don't need to download that CampusGroups App and search for your community. To learn more about this and the extra branding options available, talk with your Campus Success Consultant.

Marketing your App

Use for Orientation and Other Large-Scale Events

Our communities that start their Users off with the App have better overall adoption. Using the App during your Orientation is a great way to get Users into the platform and excited to continue using it! It can also be used at other large-scale events to further adoption.

Use Flyers and QR Codes

There is a promotional flyer pre-populated in the Dashboard of your Hub. You can download that and post it around campus. There are not QR codes available from CampusGroups, but you can use a QR code generator to bring Users to the link in the App store.


Many communities have successfully incentivized App adoption by hosting tabling events with swag or free food where Users show that they have the App downloaded in order to receive incentives.